MD HIMSS Transformation

MD HIMSS has a place for you.

To make MD HIMSS more accessible and relevant to you and your career, the chapter is transforming and working together to reimagine healthcare in Maryland.  Our officers, board, and committee members are eager and driven to implement plans that will continue to make MD HIMSS a success for its members.

The Chapter Committees form the backbone of the chapter.  Topics covered include:

  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Clinical Applications and Informatics
  • Data Analytics and Exchange
  • Cybersecurity

Each of these topics integrates with the goals, events, professional development, and communications with Board oversight through the chapter's core  Functional Committees including Communications (Advocacy and Marcom), Finance and Sponsorships, Events, and Professional Development.

The Chapter offers everyone to share their knowledge and talents with MD HIMSS in more ways than one.  We realize that people are more dedicated to those topics about which they are passionate, so it only makes sense for us to closely align the chapter’s plans with the amazing work you do every day to heal our patients and improve healthcare in Maryland.

If you are new or just entering health information management as a career, the committees and the programs provide a place to learn and network in meaningful ways to advance your knowledge and career.

Health information management gurus, this is your opportunity to give back and share the knowledge and wisdom accumulated through years of experience in Maryland's dynamic healthcare environment.

As a mid-level manager, involvement in MD HIMSS allows you to build your skillset as a leader amongst your peers, learning the finer points of our profession that you can implement the next day at work.

Finally, senior leaders can encourage staff members to learn and grow in a no-risk environment where they can collaborate and excel with other emerging leaders from other organizations to bring all the best ideas back to their team.

There's something for everyone in MD HIMSS, and we are incredibly excited to invite you to join, or even recommit, to a brighter healthcare future in Maryland.

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