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13 Dec

What is Good Cyber Hygiene? 

As children, we were taught good hygiene habits like brushing our

6 Dec

Tech Tips

Goodbye, Mr. Bell….

Since 2019, the FCC has issued two orders changing the

8 Nov

Addressing the Health IT Challenges of Today 

Healthcare systems are strained and experiencing

21 Sep

Data Quality vs. Data Integrity:

How are they handled in healthcare?

17 May

Dear HIMSS Maryland Chapter Members,


We are grateful and continue to be inspired by the

24 Apr

Dear HIMSS Maryland Chapter Members,

As we all work together in response to this unprecedented

5 Aug


Dear Valued Sponsors: 


With over 2,000 members, Maryland is one of the largest and most

13 Oct


Presidents Message

See you in the Fall.

Karen Wilding
President, Maryland Chapter of

26 Sep

Baltimore, Maryland (September 26th, 2017) – The Maryland HIMSS Chapter is pleased to announce the

19 Sep

Maryland HIMSS Chapter announces ONC Principal Deputy as Keynote Speaker for Fall Event


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